Professor Jonah Perlin invited Kristen to be interviewed in a very special episode of his podcast, “How I Lawyer” – the 100th episode! Prof. Perlin is a legal-writing professor at Georgetown University School of Law. The two had an excellent talk about starting a small business, how homeschooling impacted Kristen’s career, how to handle being a small #teenylaw business owner, how to make smart business choices, how to write (briefs, contracts, etc.) in plain English, how to say “NO,” how to network, how to work yourself out of being needed, business boundaries, and their shared childhood experiences of being the son of a rabbi (Jonah) and the daughter of a small-town preacher (Kristen). It is a fun listen to a “day in the life” of a West Texas lawyer, and we’d love you to download, listen, and subscribe to Jonah’s podcast. This episode really has something for everyone. Whether you’re a law student, a lawyer, or simply a small-business owner, we think you’ll enjoy their conversation.

You can listen to the episode by downloading the podcast wherever you like to listen or through the following link: Episode 100!

Thanks to Jonah for all the work he does to de-mystify the practice of law for all of us lawyers and all those nerdy enough to want to know more about the legal profession. It was great to share some time with you discussing these issues!